The Way Forward

Dear Friendship Family,
First, thank you for the way you live out Friendship’s mission to grow together in Christ and go with Christ
wherever He calls us to make disciples. We are the Body of Christ for each other, our community and the world.
You are such a blessing to our Heavenly Father and it brings to mind Jesus’ words in Matthew 5:14,
“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill that can’t be hidden.”
Thank you for shining Christ’s light so beautifully.
We are asking you to spend the next 40 Days prayerfully considering our future ministry together in response to the division happening in the greater United Methodist denomination. You might be familiar with what’s happening, but if not, your church is working to provide you
the information we need to make informed decisions. The bottom line is, the time has come when we as a church congregation must evaluate our denominational affiliation pathway based on our core values and theological beliefs.
Through a discernment process we will decide whether we’re to remain in connection with the UMC,
affiliate with a different Methodist denomination, or become independent.
For this reason, your Church Council asks that you join us in this 40-day journey of prayer for God’s guidance,
a study of options and the development of next steps.
A “40 Days of Prayer” resource will provided via email and printed copies will also be available in the Narthex.
It can also be accessed by clicking this link.
Let’s begin this time of prayer this Sunday, February 5th.
Thank you so very much.
In Christ,
Pastor Karen and your Finance/Administrative Council Leaders